“Discover The 7 Simple Self-Defense Moves + Tactics That Every Woman Should Know to Avoid Becoming Another Innocent Assault Victim”

– Find out how to avoid being a prime target for rape or assault –

– Learn powerful secrets that’ll send any attacker fleeing in seconds –

– Become a more confident and prepared woman if an attacker strikes –

Intoducing The Popular Online Self-Defense Video Course


Created by Husband + Wife Duo – Richie & Tracy Smyth

Richie is an experienced MMA cage fighter with multiple black belt degrees in Aiki Jujutsu, Aikido, Shotokan Karate as well as fighting experience in both Judo and Brazilian Jujutsu.

20 to 40 Seconds Is All It Takes for a Sneaky
Attacker to Shatter Your Life – FOREVER

“Be an opponent, not a victim.”

Every single day, women just like yourself are either assaulted, raped, or even brutally killed.

Many times, these women are innocent victims, who don’t even see a vicious attack or assault coming.

They get attacked at night, or even in broad daylight, as they are walking to their car, out walking their dog, or simply going about their usual business. It’s during these seemingly safe moments when you can be the MOST vulnerable to an attacker.

An attacker only needs anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds to forcefully attack you and have you at his mercy. And all it takes is one of these attacks to either completely change your life forever (both physically and emotionally) – or even sadly end your life altogether.

But despite this scary information, the good news is there are simple and highly effective (and very powerful) methods and techniques you can use to both avoid being a prime target yourself – or if you are attacked, how to quickly send any attacker fleeing in seconds.

How To Avoid or Dominate ANY Violent Attacker

(And Not Become Another Victim or Statistic)

Hi, my name is Richie Smyth…

I’m an experienced MMA cage fighter with multiple black belt degrees in Aiki Jujutsu, Aikido, Shotokan Karate and extensive fighting experience in Judo and Brazilian Jujutsu.

My beautiful and loving wife Tracy was brutally attacked when she was younger and knows first-hand about the panic and fear that this kind of attack can have on a human being. 

Now Tracy and I are combining forces to help protect women just like yourself.

Together, we’ve created a simple step-by-step online instructional video course that’ll not only clearly demonstrates some of the most common situations when you are most at danger from a sneaky attacker – but also what you can do to avoid becoming another victim. 

Not only are these self-defense techniques and methods for women easy to learn and understand, but they’re also VERY empowering. 


You’ll discover how to not only disable and escape any attacker – but also do it all

I don’t teach complex martial arts counter attacks that require years of advanced practice…

You and I both know that trying to remember a complicated 3-step counterattack during the heat of an attack is not realistic or ideal for you.

The truth is these dangerous attacks by lurking attackers take a matter of seconds. These seconds can be the difference between your safety or tragedy.

Tracy and I are here to show you how to replace your instinctive reaction from frozen panic and fear to a form of action where all it takes is a simple counter assault move to disable and escape the bad guys (or gals) that are trying to harm you.

Here’s why what we teach will work perfectly for you or a loved one…

I know the art of self-defense and what works best in these attack situations. It’s my passion and what I’ve excelled at now for many years.

My amazing wife Tracy knows and understands what being attacked is like. She’s lived it. She knows how scary it can be. But she also knows that a woman doesn’t have to live in fear either.

With our combined experience (from both sides), we’re confident that our core system that starts with the basics, will give you the vital knowledge and simple skills you need to learn (within less than a few hours) to protect you from this day forward.

This way you can be rest-assured that you’ll always be ready and prepared if an attacker should strike. You can also teach these same defense skills to your own friends or family as well.

Introducing Street Smart Self-Defense For Women

– A Step-by-Step Online Video Course –

The Street Smart Self Defense For Women online video course contains 14 short, but very informative and instructive video tutorials. This is a “no fluff” course that covers only the essential information, methods, and self-defense techniques you need to fight off any attacker.

Inside these videos, Tracy and I will clearly demonstrate how to use these specific and very easy to learn techniques in real-life situations. This way you’ll not only learn first-hand what you need to do in these same situations, but also find out what to avoid doing as well.

Here’s a Closer Look at Exactly What You’ll Discover Inside This Popular Self-Defense for Women Video Course


Tracy and I will demonstrate several common situations where you may be completely unaware of your surroundings. These are the times when most attackers are waiting to strike and attack you. By changing your habits and awareness in specific ways, you can easily avoid any impending attack. This section is also great for both you, and even your kids.

>>>Discover the single biggest mistake you’re probably making as you leave any building. This is exactly what an attacker is looking for and makes you a prime target. Learn how to avoid this big mistake, and what to do if an attacker strikes anyway.


In this section we’ll focus on attacks that happen near (or even inside) your own vehicle. Tracy and I will demonstrate various scenarios when you’re most vulnerable, as well as what you should and should not do as you approach your vehicle and when you’re inside your vehicle. These methods can be used as you leave work, the mall, or any other situation.

>>>My teacher studied and interviewed serial rapists in prison to find out WHO and WHY they select certain women to attack. And many times, it involves women approaching their vehicle. Find out what you should do and not do as you both approach and enter your vehicle.


What should you do if you’re being attacked, but don’t have pepper spray or any other type of weapon to help defend yourself? The answer is simple. You already have several items right now in your own purse that can be fully weaponized towards any assailant. I’ll show you what these items are, and how you can turn them into powerful weapons that’ll ward off any attacker in seconds.

>>>Discover how you can use “The Rake Technique” and this common beauty product to not only shock any approaching attacker, but also put them in pain instantly. You’ll also learn this important phrase: “If you can’t ____ you can’t ____”. Also find out the common red flags to look for if a stranger starts asking you innocent questions.


Now we’re entering the real heart of the program. Tracy and I will demonstrate each of the 7 potentially deadly assaults and the simple ONE and TWO step defenses you can quickly use to disable and escape any dangerous attacker. These defenses are super easy to learn – and will be critical to saving yourself from any surprising attack.

>>>These are the “Big 7” defensive tactics that will work on any attacker, from any angle, or during any situation – even if they are yielding this common (and very deadly) weapon. It doesn’t matter if you get caught in a rear choke or a bear hug by an attacker, you CAN escape and flee. And it’s a whole lot easier than you realize.


That’s all you have to do when an angry and violent attacker grabs you around your throat and tries to choke the living life out of you. It’s not only simple, but it’s also brutally effective. An attacker won’t even know what hit them.


Women From All Walks of Life (And Skill Levels)
Are Simply Raving About The Street Smart
Self-Defense For Women Video Course

Here’s How You Can Get INSTANT ACCESS To The Street Smart Self-Defense For Women Online Course

This entire instructional online video course is now available to you online. It can be viewed from any Internet connected device, anytime you wish, 24 hours a day. 

When you consider that this information has the power to help you both avoid and fend off any dangerous attacker, mugger, or would-be rapist – then you really can’t put a price tag on the value of this course. 

Tracy and I know that we could turn this course into a $1000+ training and it would be worth every single penny. But we’re not going to do that. Our #1 goal is to teach these powerful self-defense methods to as many women as possible, and for one very reasonable investment.


For a limited time only special launch, now you can get instant access to the entire Street Smart Self-Defense For Women online course for $49ONE SINGLE INVESTMENT OF ONLY $27

Our 60 Day “Prepared & Empowered”
100% Money Back Guarantee

We created this women’s self-defense program to help prevent you from a violent assault. My wife Tracy was very insistent that we try to protect other women and other innocent family members from getting violently beaten, brutally raped, or even killed. 

We’ve tested all the specific methods and powerful techniques in this course thousands of times. And we’re confident they will work for you. We believe in this information so much that we’re willing to stand behind our word as well. 

If you go through our online course, and don’t find it useful for yourself or dislike it for any reason, simply let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your entire investment back to you. No questions asked. This is our promise and 100% money back guarantee offer to you. You have nothing to risk. 

From both Tracy and I, we want to say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for giving us your time and consideration. We wish only the best in health and safety for you, and your loved ones. 

Richie & Tracy Smyth

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